Irma Blanco

Posted on September 07, 2014 by Shelby Oliphant

When I go to Oaxaca, a stop I can't miss is Irma Blanco. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also warm, kind, and humble. Her mother, Teodora, who passed away in 1980, became famous in her lifetime with certain trademarks that Irma carries on today. Natural clay, highly imaginative doll-like figures called muñecas, and a type of decoration called pastillaje, which Teodora pioneered. Irma is certainly carrying on the masterful work of her mother. 

This is a giant mermaid she is working on.

Wood for the kiln.

Irma working with the clay.

the outdoor kiln

Irma and her husband make their own clay. These are their raw source materials.


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